Sports injuries Clinic

At our sports injury clinic in Wicklow, we specialise in sports injuries and have experience in treating sports people from the couch to 5k up to elite and Olympic athletes. We can cater your rehabilitation programme to suit your body, your sport, and your participation level.

Among other sports we have experience in:

  • Irish Athletics High Performance team: youth, junior, U23’s and senior level.
  • Irish Ladies Hockey team
  • Amateur to elite triathletes
  • Amateur to elite golfers
  • Scotland Rugby team
  • New Zealand and Tongan tag rugby teams
  • Amateur to elite swimmers
  • Amateur to elite rowers
  • Amateur to elite cyclists
  • Amateur to elite archers
  • GAA club to inter-county

Sports injuries are generally related to either trauma or overuse.

Traumatic injuries

These are most common in contact sports such as soccer, GAA, rugby, hockey and basketball . Sports injuries can range from ankle sprains, knee cartilage or ligament injuries, to shoulder strains, pulled hamstrings and calf tears. Physiotherapy helps the injury to recover as quickly as possible through hands on therapy and rehabilitation, while also reducing the risk of re-injuring the area when you return.

Overuse injuries

Unlike other sports that may be prone to traumatic injuries, repetitious sports such as running tend to cause overuse.  Training errors, imbalances in your running style, or weaknesses in your core muscles, legs or your feet can cause certain structures to fatigue more quickly, and hence be more prone to injury.

So much more than a group of Physios performing a job. They all do the job excellently, but it is the additional extra personal interest they take, the positive attitude, the confidence building, the willingness  to keep going and the belief that that things can and will improve that gives heart to their clients and gets results quickly or slowly. They are both kind and humourous. I deeply appreciate their time and efforts on my behalf and have no hesitation on recommending them to anyone. They also run a series of Pilates classes, so all round a huge positive presence in Ashford.