Knee Pain

There are many types of knee pain.  Therefore it is most important to make an accurate diagnosis of your knee problem. 

There are ligaments around and inside the knee.  Between the bones lie the cartilage (meniscus) and at the front is the knee cap.  All of these structures can cause or lead to knee pain if damaged.

Physio will accurately diagnose which structure is the root cause of your symptoms.  We will then guide you through treatment and rehabilitation to aid your return to normal painfree use of the knee joint.  Our physiotherapy clinic is fully equiped to get the most out of you, either post ACL reconstruction, post fracture or post injury. If we're not a hundred per cent sure we will arrange imaging of the knee joint for you.

"Catherine's expertise and guidance has been invaluable to me. Highly recommend East Coast Physio."

Susan Leavy