Back Care Pilates

Ever do a pilates class and feel like you could be standing on your head and the instructor wouldn't notice?! And worried you might be hurting yourself? Back-care pilates classes are kept smaller (max 9 people) for greater attention and care. They are run by a Chartered Physiotherapist, and are designed for people who feel unable to join a regular pilates class due to recent or previous back or neck pain, illness, pregnancy, or osteoporosis. They suit all ages and abilities, from the person who does no exercise, to the GAA player or runner. Classes are held in our new studio - located opposite Mount Usher Gardens and upstairs from Wardrobe+ and last for 55 minutes. We provide all pilates equipment.

If your desired class is full please get in touch, as we may add classes to suit demand. Email info@eastcoastphysio. or call 0404-49781.

Timetable for March/April 2019 below, but it will be based on demand, so get in touch and let us know what you would like as we may add more classes to suit demand. 

If you have not been with us before, you will first need to contact us so that we can get your medical and injury history before the class begins and decide which level class is most appropriate for you. If you have any history of back and neck pain, we advise a physiotherapy session with us prior to commencing the programme (this is discounted to €50). 









Monday 1pm

7 wks from April 29th 

(no classes on  bank holidays / running over 9 weeks) 

Mixed level class with Orla

Tuesday 5:30pm

weeks from April 30th

Intermediate Level class with Catherine.





Tuesday 7pm

weeks from April 30th

Mixed Intermediate / Advanced class with Orla



Tuesday 8pm

weeks from April 30th

Mixed Improvers/Intermediate class with Orla



Wednesday 10am

weeks from May 1st

Mixed Intermediate/ Advanced class with Orla



Wednesday 11am

weeks from May 1st

Intermediate class with Orla



Active Over 60's


Wed 12.30pm

9 weeks from May 1st

A strength, flexibility and balance class for the aging body, aimed at improving bone density, reducing falls risk, and building muscle. This type of exercise is known to reduce the risk of or treat effects of aging such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, falls, and age related loss of fitness and strength.

Led by Chartered Physiotherapist John Jordan.  



Wednesday 8pm 

weeks from May 1st

Beginners class with John



Thursday 9.45am

weeks from May 2nd

Improver level class  €150

Thursday 1pm

weeks from May 2nd

Beginners / Improvers class with John



Thursday 7pm

weeks from May 2nd

Mixed Intermediate / Advanced with Orla



Thursday 8pm 

weeks from May 2nd

Mixed intermediate / Advanced with Orla


Friday 10am

weeks from May 3rd

Advanced class with Catherine


Friday 11am

weeks from May 3rd

Mixed level class with Catherine










If you are interested in Back-Care Pilates and don't want to wait until the start of the next term, contact the clinic at 0404-49781 or email Similarly if you have not done pilates before but want to join an improvers class, we may be able to accomodate you. 

10% discount on total cost if doing 2 classes per week. 

You will be required to pay for the whole programme if your place is to be held for you, any classes missed may be made up in another class if there is space, but this cannot be guaranteed. If there are exceptional circumstances causing you to withdraw from the programme please talk to us. 

For those people looking for general pilates, we recommend Wicklow Pilates

There are also two other services that also run at the studio (operating independently from East Coast Physio, so please contact directly): 



Yoga Classes 


Hatha Yoga is an ancient Indian practice which literally means "to unite body, mind & spirit".  To feel as well as possible, we need to take care of all 3 aspects of ourselves.


Kerry's Yoga classes are a nice balance of both body strengthening and tension releasing work. Each class incorporates mindfulness meditation and yogic breathing techniques.  The focus is on the mind as much as body. 


The class also has the added benefit of some hands-on Shiatsu massage techniques - great for helping soothe tight back, neck and shoulder muscles. Each class ends with a deep relaxation, to some mellow, soulful music to enhance the holistic experience.


Classes are mixed level, suitable for beginners. Lots of guidance provided!


Classes on Monday evening at 6.30pm, Tuesday morning at 10m and Wednesday evening at 615pm (with Michele). 


East Coast Physio clients can avail of a special rate of €12 for your first class, valid from now till 30 May.




Shiatsu Massage


Shiatsu is a Japanese bodywork/massage therapy which has its roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Taking place on a special futon, a variety of techniques are used to ease areas of tension, combining pressure on specific acupressure points, gentle stretches and mobilisation techniques. 




According to the philosophy of traditional Chinese medicine, our energy or “ki” circulates throughout invisible pathways known as meridians. When imbalances occur in the flow of this energy - which often happens through stress, injury, ilness, fatigue or lifestyle - our health and well-being may suffer. Shiatsu can help re-balance this energy. It can also be effective in maintaining overall health and well-being as it is thought to stimulate the body’s own healing natural healing system. 60-minute session:  €65


For more info, contact Kerry on 087 701 0551.  


You can also visit her website:




East Coast Physio has been an incredible resource for me when I am home in Wicklow. Whether it is to help with a current injury, or just to keep injuries at bay I have full confidence and comfort in knowing that they are there for me when I need them.

Their professional and knowledgeable approach is next to none, and they offer a friendly and inviting environment, which makes you feel relaxed and ready for treatment.

Stephanie Reilly
International middle distance Irish athlete, 3000m Steeplechase 2012 London Olympics