New Over 60s Exercise Class!!

Its January and lots of people are making resolutions and have motivations to improve ourselves. Exercise more is a common resolution and is something that people of all ages should be doing.  Walking tends to be an easy option for the older person and whilst walking is of great benefit, it can be weather dependent and is not always challenging.

A great way to get moving and stringer is the new Over 60s Exercise Class that we are running at East Coast Physio. Run by John Jordan, an experienced Physiotherapist and Personal trainer, they are designed to help our participants become stronger, more supple, fitter and generally healthier. We will be doing functional exercises for the whole body, with the aim of helping a number of medical conditions along with just getting people moving better.

Strength training can help with preventing falls and with bone strength (for osteoporosis), not to mention that most joints usually appreciate having a bit more strength around them.  Exercise in general can help with conditions such as diabetes, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, heart disease and many others. Its also great for a lot of mental health issues. Stress, depression, anxiety and numerous others can be helped with a bit of exercise or movement. We will aim to push you in the class but will be manageable by all levels of fitness.

So whether you are recovering from a surgery (may need clearance from your consultant), have been advised to exercise more by the doctor or just want to get healthier, gives us a call or email and we can book you in class.

To book with in for the class John or any of our Chartered Physiotherapists please call us on 0404 49781, or book online at

I wish to thank the physios in ECP for providing me with top notch treatment following my motorbike accident. Not having to travel to Dublin to get therapy made my rehabilitation so much easier. ECP helped me with pre and post op treatment which was so helpful. Their hours of work have also assisted me since my return to work. Thanks to ECP for all their hard work in helping me to recover.

Martin Earls
Wicklow Town