Marathon tips

It's taper time now for the Dublin City Marathon, so any further preparation is mainly around being a rock of sense in the last few days, as the work has been done. My advice:

1.      Nip the niggles in the bud! If you're feeling something now, don't let anything it develop into anything more. Get it assessed, and sooner rather than later. Alot of people don’t go to a physio as they think they will be told not to run – this happens in the absolute minority of cases, usually for people who have left it too late to seek advice. Yes we might advise you to make some changes to your training, but this is to facilitate your running your best marathon, injury free and performing to your best.


2.       Focus on the hours you are not training to assist recovery from training:

-     Get  8+ hours sleep per night

-       Stay well hydrated, eat clean, and avoid or minimise alcohol. 

-       Manage stress– being stressed can prolong recovery from an existing injury, and can in itself cause pain. So if you are stressed, do what you know works for you to help manage it, or explore new stress management options. People can get very stressed about race day - try to enjoy it, the atmosphere is amazing, and the support incredible!

-       Keep yourself distracted! People have been so used to filling the hours with running, they can feel at a loss without that in the taper. This can lead to googling, developing mad ideas, and making unprepared for changes on race day. My advice is - if you haven't done it on a long run, don't do it on race day.


We have a Sports Massage special running in the lead up to the marathon, €50 for sports massage for 45 mins with a Chartered Physiotherapist. Call 0404-49781 or book online at

If you have any injury concerns, you can book in for a consultation, either at 0404-49781, or online at

Being an avid fitness enthusiast for some time, I have been fairly lucky in avoiding injuries. However, over the past 12 months on two separate occasions I have picked up minor (but painful) injuries.

On both occasions I attended East Coast Physio where the problems were diagnosed and quickly resolved via single sessions coupled with some excellent advice on how to manage the problems further myself. East Coast Physio provide a very friendly, professional service which I highly recommend.

Roger Bateman
Ashford, Wicklow