Marathon tips

It's the business end of training now for the Dublin City Marathon as the mileage is coming close to peak. My advice:

1.      Nip the niggles in the bud! Don't let anything develop, you're probably not going to "run it off", most injuries at this stage happen because of the heavy mileage you're putting in.


Alot of people don’t go to a physio as they think they will be told not to run – this happens in the absolute minority of cases, usually for people who have left it too late to seek advice. Yes we might advise you to make some changes to your training, but this is to facilitate you running your best marathon, injury free and performing to your best.


2.       Focus on the hours you are not training more to assist recovery from training:

-       8+ hours sleep per night

-       Stay well hydrated, eat well, and avoid or minimise alcohol, particularly after a tough training session.

-       Manage stress– being stressed can prolong recovery from an existing injury, and can in itself cause pain. So if you are stressed, do what you know works for you to help manage it, or explore new stress management options.


-       Unless you are an elite athlete, you should take rest days from training – if you take 2 rest days per week (ideally not together), where you don’t run or walk, or do a different form of exercise such as cycling or swimming you are less likely to get injured than if you are running/walking every day.


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"Best physiotherapy clinic in Wicklow! Really refreshing to find somewhere so professional and who know exactly what they're talking about. They did a fantastic job diagnosing, treating and setting up my continued recovery for a nasty shoulder injury."

Conor Stanley