Growing Pains


At this time of year when sporting seasons overlap and sports kick off again after the summer break, we see many growth-related injuries in the clinic. It is quite common for active children and teenagers to suffer from these, especially if they’ve just had a major growth spurt.

As they grow their bones lengthen first, which can mean they are weaker in certain areas and more vulnerable to injury. The relatively tighter muscles can pull on different areas of bone which can cause pain and swelling in certain areas, for example below the knee or at the back of the heel.

In general, the more active the child is, the more painful these injuries can become. Growth related injuries are generally managed by reducing activity levels to allow the pain to settle, and then gradually building back into sport as tolerated. Other things such as foam rolling, footwear, and muscle strengthening and stretching can also be important.

No-one likes being injured, but children and teenagers in particularly often find it very tough. If your child is struggling with a growth related pain or injury then make an appointment to see one of our Chartered Physiotherapists to get advice as to how best manage it. Book online at or contact us on 0404 49781 to make an appointment.


As a sufferer of sporadic back pain, which was becoming increasingly more frequent, I became a regular client of East Coast Physio.The team there were fantastic at dealing with my acute pain and gave me great advice and exercises to prevent further episodes.

As a result I have become a regular student in their Back Care Pilates classes and I haven’t had any significant problems since. I would highly recommend their services.

Ger Bolger
Ashford, Co. Wicklow