Everything you need to know about Shin Splints

Shin Splints


Another common summer injury!

Shin splints is a term referring to pain on the front or inside of the shin. We are seeing a lot of it at the moment, as people are getting out exercising more in the fine weather.

It is very common, and is usually caused by:

  • doing too much, too soon, particularly on hard surfaces.  
  • Exercising in bad footwear – you should be wearing footwear that is comfortable, well cushioned and supportive, and not worn out. 

How do you treat them?

The sooner you rest or pull back from training, the quicker they will heal. Cross train by swimming or cycling instead, then gradually build back up (by no more than 10% per week once your weekly volume is at 8km). Ice your shin daily to reduce inflammation (10 minutes on and off). Stretch your calf muscles daily, holding for 1 minute each time. Foam rolling the calf (avoiding the sore bit of the shin) can also help.

Get it Assessed!

If you have persisting shin pain, get it assessed. This is to prevent it becoming chronic, but also because not all shin pain is from shin splints. Stress fractures and compartment syndrome are examples of conditions that can be mistaken for shin splints, so it is important to get an assessment with any persisting shin pain to confirm your diagnosis.


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