Seamus Coleman's injury

Seamus Colemans heartwrenching injury at the weekend prompted alot of people to ask us about this injury clinic this week. From what I can gather he had a fracture of his tibia (shin bone) and fibula (thin bone on outside of the leg). It looked to me that it wasn’t too near his ankle or knee joints, which is good for his outcome, as extra-articular fractures (fractures not involving a joint) tend to be more straightforward and have a good long term prognosis (ie this won't end his career). The surgery generally involves placing rods and/or pins in the bones to hold them stable while the bone heals.

I would imagine Seamus will be back to playing competitively, assuming he has no other complications, in about 6 months, although with the amount of rehabilitation time and resources at his disposal, and given that he is young, fit and healthy, that may be reduced to 4 months. Time will tell. We wish him a speedy recovery.  


Fiona is absolutely incredible at what she does. Literally would trust her with my life. Cannot recommend East Coast Physio enough!!

Sinead Rush