Fit Kids

Now’s the Time

With summer in full swing now is the time to think about getting your children active, fit and healthy! No more school and with longer and brighter evenings it’s the perfect time to form these positive habits that will benefit both you and your children well into the future.

Keep it Fun & Exciting

  • Being fit and healthy is about increasing activity levels in any way you can – maybe get your children to help you clean the house or wash the car – we all know that’s a good workout!!
  • Being active doesn’t have to be dull – it’s especially important for younger children that they are having fun and that they will want to do these activities again. Summer time activities might include washing the car, going for walks on the beach collecting stones/shells, or even water fights in the garden – use your imagination, your children will appreciate this!

Most Importantly - Lead By Example

  • Get involved yourself! Your children will want to have fun if they see you enjoying yourself, setting a good example that they will follow in years to come, forming positive habits and encouraging children to find activities that they love.

What’s Recommended?

The World Health Organisation recommends at least 60 mins of moderate intensity activity per day for children aged 5-18yrs. That might seem simple now, but as schools return and winter sets in it can become much more difficult! That’s why forming these habits now is vitally important to your child’s health!

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