Dizzy or have balance problems?

We need our EARS to balance!!

We have a very complex and tiny system in our inner ear which gathers information about our head position, balance and movement and sends this information to specialist areas in our brains. This system is called the vestibular system. Without it, we would be extremely dizzy and moving around would be very difficult!

Quite often, our inner ear malfunctions and this can result in dizziness and problems with balance. In fact, 45% if individuals who go their GP with dizziness or vertigo have a problem with their inner ear or vestibular system. These inner ear problems are often missed and very few of theses individuals are referred to physiotherapists who assess and treat balance and dizziness everyday.

Problems with your inner ear can be quickly assessed and very effectively treated with specific manoeuvres performed by your physiotherapist. There are also balance and inner ear exercises which your physiotherapist can prescribe which have been proven to help.

So if you are experiencing dizziness or poor balance,  see your Physiotherapist!


As a sufferer of sporadic back pain, which was becoming increasingly more frequent, I became a regular client of East Coast Physio.The team there were fantastic at dealing with my acute pain and gave me great advice and exercises to prevent further episodes.

As a result I have become a regular student in their Back Care Pilates classes and I haven’t had any significant problems since. I would highly recommend their services.

Ger Bolger
Ashford, Co. Wicklow